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A Culinary Epicenter for Bakers and Pastry Chefs

The Richemont Library represents knowledge and inspiration in the world of bakery and confectionery. This handpicked collection is renowned for its comprehensive selection of reference books considered top-quality works internationally. The library offers versatile recipes and rich illustrations. It explores the culture and history of raw materials alongside various working techniques. You'll discover a unique blend of practical know-how and reading pleasure, catering to industry professionals and enthusiasts.

Highlighted Works from the Richemont Library

Confectionery Panaderia Fina

This extensive work spans over 300 pages, showcasing a wealth of creative ideas in pastry making. From classic pastries like brioches and croissants to innovative products, it offers over 600 product and work photos for easy understanding and efficient, cost-effective recipe execution. The book contains ideas for high-quality, custom-made confectionery products, featuring over 140 recipes across nine chapters.


Kitchen Maths Decoded by Chef Amit Vohra

Chef Amit Vohra, an alumnus of the Taj Management Training Program and a seasoned academician, brings extensive experience to this insightful book. His expertise in various facets of the hospitality industry, including bakery and pastry arts, is evident in this work, making it a valuable resource for professionals and students.


Signature Viennoiseries by Johan Martin 

Johan Martin's "Signature Viennoiseries" showcases his skill and passion for the art of viennoiserie. The book combines basic and advanced techniques, offering a range of classic and unique recipes that reflect Martin's philosophy and love for this craft.


Sourdough Baking: A Treatise by Thomas Teffri-Chambelland

Authored by a biologist-turned-baker, the book is a comprehensive guide to contemporary sourdough practices in France. It covers the biology of core ingredients, the sourdough fermentation process, and its impact on baked goods. With 34 recipes and a focus on various flours, it's a must-have for enthusiasts and professionals.


Adapt by Richard Hawke

Chef Richard Hawke's first professional pastry book introduces readers to the world of gluten, gluten-free, lactose-free, and vegan pastries. It explains the role of different ingredients in pastry making and offers over 200 base recipes in various dietary adaptations, making it a groundbreaking resource in modern pastry making.


Prisma by Frank Haasnoot


Frank Haasnoot, a world-renowned pastry chef, presents "Prisma," a book showcasing his elegant and creative style through various color-category recipes. It reflects his journey and style in the pastry world, offering exclusive creations for readers to explore.


Chocolate by Ramon Morató


This indispensable reference book, now in its 6th edition, is a comprehensive guide to chocolate and its professional manipulation. Covering over 200 recipes and various preparation techniques, the book is divided into four extensive sections, making it essential for chocolate connoisseurs.


Swiss Art in Chocolate by Richemont


Focusing on efficient and effective production methods, this book guides creating products for selling and image promotion. It offers clear descriptions, expert explanations, and a wealth of creative ideas, making it a practical tool for professionals.


One Week with Yann Duytsche by Yann Duytsche


This book takes readers through a week in the life of Yann Duytsche, showcasing his approach to real, fresh, and gourmet pastry. It covers a wide range of products and includes detailed technical comments, making it a journey through authentic pastry.


The Richemont Library is more than just a collection of books; it's a source of inspiration, a guide for innovation, and demonstrates the ever-evolving art of bakery and confectionery. Whether you're a seasoned professional or an aspiring baker, these works offer knowledge and inspiration to enhance your culinary journey.


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