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Online classes are now available!

Bread & Baking Program

Designed for enthusiastic individuals keen to upgrade their knowledge. You’ll learn how to create various breads and understand the underlying science of bread making.

Pastry, Chocolates 

& Ice Creams

Designed to explore the diverse world of Swiss confectionery, this program provides a complete insight into the art of fine pastry,, chocolate and ice cream making.

Our Team

When you want to be the best, you have to learn from the best. Our team comprises of experts from the culinary world. Do you have what it takes to be a Master Baker ?

Chef Christine's Potrait Photo
CHEF ROLAND's portrait phot
Chef Christiane Trilck
Head of Faculty
Chef Roland Eitzinger
Head of Academics


The center is fully furnished with the highest quality equipment and tools.  Dedicated classrooms for bakery and pastry programs provide the perfect learning environment with 14 individually equipped work stations.  This state of the art culinary baking center creates a professional work environment ideal for learning, training, demonstrations, workshops and other community events. 



My 5 days of the bread & baking program were extremely memorable, knowledgeable and fun. Not only did I enjoy every bit of it, but I also learned and gained knowledge beyond my expectation.

- Chef Zainab Bameri,

  Self Taught Chef