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Other Services

With over 30 years of industry knowledge, we provide a holistic solution to individuals, new and existing businesses from the industry through our other services.

F&B Industry Consultancy

Our chef instructors work closely with a variety of customers within the F&B industry including hospitality, industrial and retail. Project scope includes:

Developing products, recipe costing and management

Auditing production and planning for greater efficiency

Improving operations through customized training programs


Customized Courses

We offer tailor made solutions because every business is different. Our team design fully customized programs for professionals and organizations with a strategic operational focus. This includes extended analysis to identify the gap in skill-set and creation of course modules according to the specific needs and feasible operational schedule.


Venue Rentals

Purpose-built by experts at the Richemont headquarters in Switzerland and stocked with over 750 pieces of equipment,
we are proud to make our world-class facility available for rental for trials, demonstrations, workshops and events.


Private Online Course

Learn our professional pastry and baking program with our experts through a one-on-one virtual webinar within the comforts of your home.


Courses Scheduled