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Wafer Paper Flower : 2-day Workshop by Reema

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Reema Siraj, a prominent cake designer and sugar flower artist based in Dubai, is renowned as both an inspiring cake design instructor and a sought-after wedding cake artist. Her unique approach involves drawing inspiration from her surroundings, leading her to specialize in edible flowers and create awe-inspiring art pieces, such as her iconic 'Wedding dress cake' in 2019.

Flowers you will make -

Tiger lilies

Tools and techniques;

Petal Preparation: Techniques for cutting, coloring, and shaping petals to look natural.
Flower Assembly: Assembly of petals into a complete flower and adding finishing.

Bonus -

Individual Attention
Hands-on experience
Expert advice on how to troubleshoot common issues 


14 & 15 Sept 2024, Time: 9:00am to 6:00pm

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