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Kitchen Math Course - 3 Days

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What awaits you in this culinary mathematical journey?

Yield and Costing: Gain a deep understanding of recipe yields, including effective yield and batch yield. Learn how to calculate and manage the cost of yield, ensuring optimal utilization of ingredients and resources in your kitchen.
Portion Control: Discover the art of portion control and its vital role in managing costs and maintaining consistency. Acquire techniques to achieve precise portions without compromising on taste and presentation.
Standard Recipes: Dive into the concept of standard recipes and explore the intricacies of sub-recipes. Uncover the secrets to accurate costing, ensuring that your culinary creations are not only delicious but also economically sound.
Food Cost Analysis: Delve into the world of food cost analysis, understanding potential food cost and actual food cost. Learn to calculate food Discover the factors that influence the selling price of a dish and master the art of setting a profitable price.
Menu Engineering: Explore the strategies behind framing a profitable menu. Learn to identify high-margin dishes, optimize your menu offerings, and maximize profitability. Gain insights into menu engineering techniques that will make your business thrive.
Business Start-up Essentials: If you dream of starting your own culinary venture, this course has got you covered! Learn how to calculate your break-even point, determine start-up costs, and understand the financial aspects of running a successful food business.

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