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In today's world, sustainability has become a buzzword in nearly every industry, and the baking industry is no exception. Richemont Masterbaker is taking a proactive approach towards sustainability in baking. Its chefs understand that culinary arts have the potential to make a significant impact on the environment and are committed to teaching and practising responsible methods. One of their initiatives is the "Kitchen Math" course, designed to unlock the secrets of culinary calculations and promote sustainable practices in baking.


The Kitchen Math Course - A Journey into Culinary Calculations

Richemont Masterbaker offers the Master Kitchen Math course, elevating your culinary skills and emphasising sustainability in baking. What can you expect from this enlightening course?


Yield and Costing 

Gain a deep understanding of recipe yields, including effective and batch yields. Learn how to calculate and manage the yield cost, ensuring optimal utilisation of ingredients and resources in your kitchen. This knowledge is invaluable in reducing food wastage and making the most of every ingredient.


Portion Control

Discover the art of portion control and its vital role in managing costs and maintaining consistency. Acquire techniques to achieve precise portions without compromising on taste and presentation. By minimising excess servings, you contribute to both cost-efficiency and sustainability.


Standard Recipes

Understand the concept of standard recipes and explore the intricacies of sub-recipes. You'll uncover the secrets to accurate costing, ensuring your culinary creations are delicious and economically sound. Using standardised recipes helps in planning and sourcing ingredients efficiently.


Food Cost Analysis

Understand the complex world of food cost analysis by identifying potential and actual food costs. Learn to calculate food costs and discover the factors that influence the selling price of a dish. Mastering these skills enables you to make informed pricing decisions, reduce waste, and maximise profit.


Menu Engineering

Explore the strategies behind framing a profitable menu. Learn to identify high-margin dishes, optimise your menu offerings, and maximise profitability. Gain insights into menu engineering techniques that will make your business thrive while minimising food waste.


Business Start-up Essentials

If you dream of starting your culinary venture, this course is ideal. Learn how to calculate your break-even point, determine start-up costs, and understand the financial aspects of running a successful food business. By starting with sustainability in mind, you can set the foundation for an eco-friendly and profitable bakery.

Richemont Masterbaker's Kitchen Math course is more than just a culinary education; it's a step towards a sustainable future in baking. By mastering these essential kitchen maths skills, you enhance your culinary career and contribute to reducing food waste, efficient resource utilisation, and overall sustainability. Take advantage of this opportunity to join Richemont Masterbaker in their mission to make numbers your 'secret' ingredient for success.

Whether you're a professional baker looking to sharpen your skills or an aspiring entrepreneur with dreams of running a sustainable bakery, Richemont Masterbaker's commitment to sustainability and their Kitchen Math course can help you achieve your goals while positively impacting the planet.

Join Richemont Masterbaker in their mission to create a more eco-conscious culinary future by learning all about sustainable baking with their Kitchen Math course.

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