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If you’ve ever met Chef Christiane Trilck, you’d instantly recognize her energy, passion, and dedication towards her craft. Born in East Germany, during the era of the Berlin Wall, a young Christiane found inspiration in the nexus of travel, culture, and cuisine bought home by family members who travelled for work. Her memories are adorned with time spent assisting her grandmother in a garden brimming with fruits, vegetables, and berries. She was always curious by every ingredient added to their meals, the nuances of taste and the art of food pairing. "I think I had a very early love for food and travel. I came up with this brilliant idea growing up - I'm becoming a chef, and then I'm going to work on a cruise ship, and I'm going to travel the world because I couldn't see the world before. I was always that child full of energy, had crazy ideas, was super creative, and liked to do things hands on." Chef Christiane recalls.

Staying true to her commitment, Chef Christiane achieved top rank in her county in a Degree in Culinary Arts. Starting as a commis chef, she swiftly rose through the ranks, ultimately landing the position of assistant pastry chef at the esteemed Grand Hyatt, Berlin. Over six years, her trajectory shifted from culinary to pastry, igniting a profound passion for chocolate and pastries. “I have always wanted to Learn, Grow and Stay Curious, this mantra has helped expand my horizon every day". Chef Christiane reflects, highlighting her dedication towards her craft.

Chef Christiane’s first international stint was at one of the top 3 country hotels in England The Grove Hotel Spa & Golf. Started as Sous Chef Pastry under the guidance of British Chocolate Master and seasoned Executive Pastry Chef Tony Hoyle and moved up the ladder to become Head Chef Pastry. Lebanon was her first stint in the Middle East, a country rich in history with a fusion of French and Arabic culinary influences, and its renowned hospitality. Chef Christiane embarked on her journey in Beirut as the Executive Pastry Chef overseeing both Arabic and international pastry kitchens, leading a team of approximately 25 chefs. Lebanon's vibrant culinary scene offered its share of challenges and rewards, reflecting the region's ebb and flow of life.

After immersing herself in the middle eastern hospitality Chef Christiane relocated to Dubai for a short stint and at the request of a friend Chef Tony Hoyle who asked her to join him at Madinat Jumeirah. Although in love with her work, the glamorous allure of Dubai didn't quite align with her preferences. Her journey took a significant turn when she moved to Ras Al Khaimah to work as Cluster Pastry Chef for 7 hotels under Hilton Hotels and launch Waldorf Astoria. She fondly describes this as one her ‘best work’; “The Waldorf Astoria, for me, was my greatest career achievement simply because I think I've done some of my best work there. I built the best team. I had all the creative freedom at that hotel. Everyone was driven by passion and wanted to create something memorable, and I loved that place”. Overtime, she also became the Key Pastry Chef Trainer for all Hilton hotels in the Arabian Peninsula & African region. The next stint taught Chef Christiane the importance of aligning personal values with her workplace and self – discovery when she moved to open the Palazzo Versace in Dubai.

Fast forward, Chef Christiane now heads the faculty and overall operations at Richemont Master Baker in Dubai, "It's very, very close to my heart. I was involved from the very beginning when this place was only on paper. I’ve created the kitchens layouts along with some very capable designers to the very last detail that only a Chef’s eye can hold. Its every chef's dream kitchen created by an end user instead of just a designer sitting in an office. I had the freedom to build the kitchen, equip it and make the whole workflow as per the school's requirements. I even chose the colour of the tiles and small instruments, so this place really is my baby. It's my home".

Christiane's dedication to her craft has afforded her numerous accolades, from being a Highly Commended Pastry chef of the Year for Hotelier Middle East Awards to winning competitions and judging prestigious shows around the Middle East. Her personality is opposite of stillness and her philosophy of creation doesn’t end with just delectables. During covid, when the world was still, she rebuilt her home into a creative haven by herself. Safe to say, she can use a trowel at home and rolling pin in her kitchen with surgical precision.

Chef Christiane remains grounded and humble in a nearly three-decades-long career. Her greatest pride is witnessing former team members flourish in their culinary careers. With a deep commitment to her craft, Chef Christiane Trilck continues to make an indelible mark on the culinary world.

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