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Cake Decorating Master Class - 3 Day Workshop by Shimza (Queen of the show - Winner at the Cake Talks Muscat Oman in 2022)

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Shimza is a professional and passionate cake artist with over ten years of experience in designing wedding cake structures.

She was the Queen of the show - winner at the Cake Talks Muscat Oman in 2022 and have won many elite awards and accolades on her own country in cake making and designing.

She has completed her Diploma in Wilton method of cake making and her Masters in Arts and craft in the UK.

1st DAY - Sugar veil recipe and Method, royal icing piping methods and two types of consistency for Royal icing tulle lace flowers.

2nd DAY - Bottom and Top tire stacking and layering and coating with chocolate ganache, covering the bottom tire cake with fondant using panelling method and using gel colours for fondant crack effect.

3rd DAY - Covering the top tier with fondant and stacking the cakes with dowels and decorating the two-tiered cake using emboss technique, ruffles, sugar veil and royal icing delicate lace flowers and embellished with edible pearls, and create a gorgeous, intricate two-tiered wedding cake structure.

What will you learn -

Making the perfect chocolate ganache for layering and coating the cake
Cake levelling, Preparing and Dowelling the cake for stacking
Fondant covering
Working with royal icing with two different consistencies
Method of making beautiful sugar veil for more creative detailing

Mediums used -

Royal icing
sugar veil
Chocolate ganache

Techniques -

Ruffles for more intricate movements.
Sugar Veil to enhance more creative details
using colours and techniques to achieve a perfect crack texture
Royal Icing Lace flowers, for more intricate and delicate detailing

Bonus -

Individual Attention
Hands on experience
Discussion on identifying the correct cake height and mediums




Date - 19th to 21st May
Time - 9.00 am to 5.00 pm

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