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©2019 by Richemont Masterbaker Center for Excellence in Baking and Pastry DMCC.

This Program exposes students to the diverse world of Swiss confectionery, ice creams and fine chocolate production. Although fast paced & compact, this program provides a complete introduction to modern pastry making, chocolate & ice cream production.

Completing this program successfully would enable students to:

  • Specialize in the field of Modern Pastry, Chocolate & Ice Cream and perfect the art of exceptional pastries.
  • Further advancement in their skill development and career towards Head of Pastry or Pastry Chefs .
  • Be familiar with the art of pastry presentation.                                                                           

Level 1:

  • Sweet Paste: Preparation, rolling, lining tarts, troubleshooting.
  • Sponge Mixtures: Different production methods, types of sponge mixtures, sponge variations- rolled and gluten-free sponge, storage.
  • Sugar Syrup: Boiling, measurement of density.
  • Crème, Curds, Fruit Mousses and Fillings: Pastry and bavarian crème, fruit curds, preparation techniques of fruit mousse, gateaux and entremets filling.
  • Meringue: Preparation and application of different meringue, mixtures, butter meringue mixtures in cake, frangipane mixtures and pound cakes.
  • Frozen Desserts: Parfait, frozen mousse.                                                                               

 Level 2:

  • Cream Cakes, Classic Cakes and Entremets: Preparation of basic sponge bases, layering ice cream cakes, flavor and texture combinations of cakes, Preparation of buttercreams and shiny glazes, velvet spray technique and decoration.
  • Ice Cream Cakes: Base from scratch and pre-mixes, plating and designing ice cream cakes.
  • Choux Paste: Preparation and applications of choux paste, precise baking and piping techniques, various fillings.
  • Decoration: Basic, classic and modern pastry decorations, handling and storage of decorations at ideal temperature.                                                                                                                     

 Level 3:

  • Chocolate Tempering: Processing and working with couverture, ingredients, shine, chocolate tempering methods, chocolate decoration.
  • Ganache: Types of ganache, extending shelf life, accurate technique of handling ganache, changing of textures.
  • Pralines and Chocolate Bars: Chocolate truffles, filling praline molds, spraying, decorating and praline dipping technique, creating chocolate bars, storage and handling of ready pralines.
  • Modern Contemporary Plated Desserts: plating techniques, preparation, modern ways of plating, introduction to basic molecular recipes.

PASTRY & CONFECTIONERY PROGRAM - 3 levels in 3 weeks

AED17,325.00 Regular Price
AED13,125.00Sale Price
    1. All Fees indicated above are VAT inclusive
    2. The promotional offer entitles students to make complete payment before the foundation course, validity period to complete the courses is 1 year from date of payment.
    3. Professional Courses – 1 year work experience mandatory to enroll to the foundation course
    4. Non-Professional Courses – Work experience not required to enter foundation course.
    5. Above Fees include training costs, all course learning materials, ingredients and course work in print.
    6. Above Fees do not include, visa, flights, accommodation and food, these costs to be borne by the student. 
    7. All certificates are approved by KHDA (equivalent to our Ministry of education) in UAE and Richemont in Switzerland