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©2019 by Richemont Masterbaker Center for Excellence in Baking and Pastry DMCC.

The 3 week Bread and Baking Program is for any indivdual who wants to upgrade their baking knowledge and hone their skills with hands-on practice and repeated exposure to the best techniques . 

Completing this program successfully would enable professional bakers:

  • To specialize in the field of baking and undertake craft baking operations.
  • Further advance in their career to becoming Head Bakers & Executive Bakery chefs.   

Level 1:      

  • Introduction: Food safety and raw materials

  • Dough Processing: Dough temperature, mixing and kneading, relevance of timing.
  • Fermentation Process: Microflora in doughs and techniques to enhance bread quality.
  • Pre-Doughs: Poolish and fermented doughs - preparation of different pre-doughs.
  • Main Bread Ingredients: Wheat.
  • Braiding & Shaped Bread: Braiding methods and bread design.
  • Bread Quality Evaluation: Evaluation of bread quality and display.                 

Level 2:

  • Introduction: Food safety and hygiene
  • Bread Baking: Importance of scaling, mixing, kneading, molding and shaping the dough.
  • Rye poolish, pre-ferment dough, cooked and boiled dough.
  • Main Bread Ingredients: Wheat, spelt and rye.
  • Baking Techniques: Long fermentation.
  • New Bread Recipes: Traditional and rustic.
  • Bread Cooling and Freezing: Storage and reheating.
  • Bread Quality Evaluation: Evaluation of bread quality and display                 

Level 3:

  • Poolish: Poolish, fermented dough and sourdough starter.
  • Fermented Dough: Retarded dough,sourdough starter.
  • Retarded Dough: Boiled doughs, soaker, sourdough starter.
  • Boiled / Soaked Bread: Sourdough, mash.
  • Sourdough and Special: Preparation, testing, tasting and presentation.
  • Bread Evaluation, Tasting and Presentation: Evaluation of bread quality and display.

BREAD & BAKING PROGRAM- 3 levels in 3 weeks

AED17,325.00 Regular Price
AED13,125.00Sale Price
    • All Fees indicated above are VAT inclusive
    • The promotional offer entitles students to make complete payment before the foundation course, validity period to complete the courses is 1 year from date of payment.
    • Professional Courses – 1 year work experience mandatory to enroll to the foundation course
    • Non-Professional Courses – Work experience not required to enter foundation course.
    • Above Fees include training costs, all course learning materials, ingredients and course work in print.
    • Above Fees do not include, visa, flights, accommodation and food, these costs to be borne by the student. 
    • All certificates are approved by KHDA (equivalent to our Ministry of education) in UAE and Richemont in Switzerland